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Our Curriculum

In our curriculum, we address domains of learning as outlined in Rhode Island Early learning and Development Standards. Our curriculum will be program by students and our job as staff to help them see it through. After all this is their educational learning experience and our job is to be a sounding board and providing all the necessary tools and safe learning environment for our students. 


We get to learn about our numbers, street signs, symbols, and street numbers.  By playing games with parents/guidance. 


Each child will have the opportunities to choose what vegetable/fruit or plant to grow. In the growing processing they get to learn and take care of each seed they choose to grow.


During our reading time each child will have the opportunities to select what books they would like for the week and help us read along to the class. 


Teaching each child about the important of oneself and ones uniqueness and making decision at a early age;  by deciding what they want to grow, read to the class and leading physical education section. 


Each week, one  of our student will have the opportunity to have a workout plan, with the help of their parents/guidance to teach the class. 


We know that each child is different so they have the options to either take a nap or have quiet time. 

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